The diversity of possibilities

Public relations uses a number of further instruments in addition to regular public relations activities: Campaigns and press conferences are just as much a part of this as is trade fair PR, the use of online media, image and trade fair films and a wide range of printed products. These forms of media must be used in a professional and well-dosed manner – depending on the focus of the PR and target group.

Whether corporate PR or product PR, we accompany you with sound advice and well-planned concepts.

PR 2.0 – WEB communication

This applies similarly to changing communication landscapes. The use of visual media in particular as well as the diverse communication possibilities via the Internet are gaining in importance for PR. In addition to Web 2.0, there is also talk of PR 2.0. Business Blogs, which seek direct contact to consumers, are just as much a part of this media as are Podcasts or Social Media Release, a new form of press release on the Internet.

We will be happy to advise you on how these new media channels can be best used to effectively achieve your set corporate goals.