The direct line to the media

Public relations serves for distributing information about your company, product range or services with the aid of the media.

Effective public relations

Well formulated texts speak for themselves and for you. They should be informative, factual, of a high journalistic standard and strike the right note with the respective target group. Above all, however, the interests of the reader and benefits for the media should be placed clearly in the foreground. We write texts that strike the right note with your target groups.

Your press information should also reach the right addressees. With the preparation of a press distribution list tailored to your company, we organise the distribution of press releases and maintain regular contact with the media on your behalf.

In our Press Lounge, we offer the media all press material for downloading as an additional service. This also gives you the opportunity to include our online service on your website, so-called Content Syndications.

Our Service